Saturday, 3 September 2016


What is Bitcoin? Many of you may ask. Well am going to tell you, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is generally accepted and it worth hundreds of dollars, as of now the current price of one bitcoin in USD is $570.91. Imagine you had about 3 Bitcoin, you would be talking about close to $1500.80, now imagine earning this bitcoin free. I know it may sound impossible but trust me its real, even i can testify to that. You can either earn by clicking ads or by bitcoin faucet. Bitcoin faucets are sites that offer you different number of bitcoin in a particular time, eg. Earn free Bitcoin every hour. That means you earn bitcoin once in every hour but the time frame varies depending on the site. Here are list of some genuine bitcoin sites:

Friday, 22 July 2016

This is GOOD and EXCITING news for all Facebook users, a new way to earn thousands of dollars from Facebook for free. Don't waste another second to check it out, i know you have been on Facebook for long without making a penny out of it, but now you can make a living from the biggest social network in the world.
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Monday, 11 July 2016


Hi guys, its me again and in this article i will be talking about the little drops of rain that makes an ocean. You may be wondering what that means, it means the little things that one takes as nothing can actually be of great value. For instance, this business of working online, you may have a site or an online company where for each day you visit you are paid $5 or less, you may take this business so casual because they pay little but if you should think about it you would know the value, i mean they pay you $5 every day and that is assured, multiply it in a week, that is $35 and if you should multiply it in a month, that is $140. I know you may say, that isn't money and i agree with you but you would also agree that it solves a lot of problems. But most people don't understand that and that is one of the reasons why they fall prey of scammers, of course there are genuine sites that pay huge but that is after you have registered or upgraded, in our search to look for those sites that pay big we come across both the genuine and the scammers but our impatience to make money quick we will fail to verify these sites. For instance you come across a site that offers to help you make $1000 in just five minutes if you pay $25 or so, of course they could be real because information isn't free but you should also take your time to investigate before paying. Also this little drops of rain are constant, like i illustrated earlier, a site you are being paid $5 a day for your activities, if you visit the site and do your activities you get $5, the days you don't visit, nothing for you, that is constant and you can budget that money and have peace of mind even though you don't have the money yet, but those other pay huge money sites you don't know when they are going to pay you and as a result you can not budget that money until you see it. In addition you can use the money gotten from those sites that pay little to invest in those large paying sites. In conclusion if and while looking for those sites that pay huge don't discard those sites that pay little as LITTLE drops of rain that makes an OCEAN.

Friday, 8 July 2016


YWB 728X90 Hello guys its me again, in this article i will be talking about making money as usual. Due to the economic melt down around the world, a lot of people has gone to the internet looking for alternative sources of income. But the truth is that 85% of this group of people actually make little or no money on the internet. This is due to several reasons such as they can't work or build a good referral system, there are various reasons that cause one not to make money online. For example, some one who clicks ads daily and is being paid a penny ($0.00.01) per click, assuming you are able to click up to 30 ads daily which will amount to a total of 30 penny ($0.00.30) sometimes you earn even less. If you earn that kind of money every day it is most likely that you won't be able to meet up with the daily demands as the prices of goods are ever increasing. Its true you can also earn money through the referral system, but the truth is how many referrals can you generate and how many of them will be active, in a situation where your able to generate a total of 20 referrals a month and only 5 or perhaps even none of them are active, what happens then. There are also situations where you find a site that offers to pay you a suitable amount of money, for example $250 every week but ask you to invest with them first, they may ask for a registration fee of $25.99 or more. There are a lot of things that could deter you from that, for example you may not have the money or you may be afraid as some of these sites are scammers, as i earlier said a lot of people are in the internet to make money which for some includes defrauding others. The truth is making money online can be an interesting and exciting venture if you know what to do and where to do what to do. What am saying is you can make good money online if you know where to go and what to do. Take me for example i have been clicking ads for almost a year now with little or nothing to show for it, well that was before i found this new system which i am going to introduce to you. I have been on the internet for almost six years but didn't make a good income but everything changed after i found this new system and guess what its absolutely FREE. If this system can generate money for me then it can and will do the same for you and trust me you will thank me later. All you have to do is click here and change you life forever.

Tuesday, 5 July 2016



Saturday, 2 July 2016


Hi its me again, in my previous post i promised all that am going to show all how to make real money on the internet and am here today to fulfill that promise. With the present economic crunch across the globe a lot of people has gone to the internet making several claims of things they do not have but am here to show you a legitimate way to make a reasonable income as i promised. This is not a get rich quick program. All you have to do is invest $10 and you will never have to do any work and there is no need to refer anybody. Just invest and the money will work for you and you will be earning about 1-5% for live and this company has lasted for over 20 years so you can be sure that they are not scams. The company's name is Business Angels. I personally encourage you to join because i am a member and you will thank me later, follow this link and check it out.

Wednesday, 8 June 2016


I have found a new company that are paying huge money to their members, as my friends i thought you should be the first to know. They pay you $500 to join and a $100 for each email you read and also $50 for clicking adverts and this is completely free, no hidden charges, no deceptions and its completely real, i have tried it myself and i have made quiet a of lot money from this company and i advice you to hit this banner now and start making good money for yourself.


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